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Computer People is committed to providing you with the best online experience while visiting any of our websites. As part of this process, we utilise standard third party cookies to obtain data about your behaviour online while you are on our sites, and we also track information about the number of times our site is visited and the number of people who return to our site.

We track all information as an aggregate and therefore we do not collect any personal information about you as an individual, unless you apply for a job, upload your CV, fill in a form on our site, or sign up for email alerts through any of our site.

What we track

We do not use any intrusive cookies on our site to collect your personal information. We use industry standard third party cookies such as Google Analytics to track your behaviour online and gain statistical information at an aggregated level in the following ways:

  • We track the number of visits to our website, where each visitor came from (i.e. the site visited prior to coming to our sites) and where each visitor goes to from our site (the next site visited after ours).
  • We store a cookie on your PC for 2 years which is linked to your IP address this allows us to track whether you return to our site.

If you do not wish us to track your cookie information you can set your browser to reject cookies, please visit the ‘Help’ menu of your internet browser to find out how to do this. This may impact your user experience on our site and restrict you from utilising certain site functionality.

How to manage cookies

Our cookies do not store financial information or information which is capable of directly identifying you (such as your name or address). Cookies simply allow our website to retrieve this information in order to track your experience. However, if you wish to restrict, block or delete cookies from – or any other website - you can use your browser to do this. Each browser is different so check the ‘Help’ menu of your particular browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

Cookies used on

Below is a list of the cookies used by Computer and their use:




What data is held?

Link to personal data

Type of cookie?

If persistent, lifespan?

Any third party cookies?

(if yes who sets)

Computerpeople non-tracking cookie

Site configuration cookie on-site

Site documents and configuration files





3rd party from Google Inc.

Google analytics sets cookies

to enable us to track the usage of pages and services on our sites.

Visit duration, page views, location, operating system, browser,

 entry path, no. of visits



2 Years

Yes, Google Inc

3rd party from Google Inc.

Conversion tracking

Content viewed, device/application used, interaction with advert, entry path



2 Years

Yes, Google Inc

3rd party from Google Inc.

By using Double-Click controls the time and location job adverts appear, tracks the number of ads on our sites

 to aid management, and makes the advertisements work for visitors reaching the website through mobile platforms such as smartphones or tablets.

Content viewed, device/application used, interaction with advert



1 Year

Yes,  Google Inc

3rd party

These cookies collect browsing data – like the products you have viewed. This data may then be used to serve advertisements containing products that you may have looked at or similar.

Sign up and registration, first name, last name, email address



30 days



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