Candidate screening and selection process

You’d expect your recruitment partner to refer only the most talented, skilled and experienced IT professionals to your business; but how do you know they’re right for your company?

At Computer People, we take our candidates through a thorough screening process at the registration stage, giving us a clear insight into their attitude, capabilities, and work ethic. We then use that knowledge to make informed choices when it comes to selecting the most suitable IT candidates for referral to you.

From competency based interviews to technical and psychometric testing, we’ll help you to get to the heart of our IT professionals.

Competency-based interviews

Competency-based interviews are used to measure candidates against a set of core competencies, such as decisiveness, teamwork, effective communication, and managing relationships. They can help you to understand how someone is likely to behave at work, and in different professional situations.

Technical tests

Technical testing can make your hiring decision that bit easier. If you decide that you’d like us to test any of our candidates against a skill of your choosing, we can arrange for technical tests to be taken, and send you a full copy of the results.

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests are used to measure specific abilities or personality traits in line with the IT role that you’re recruiting for. Tests are conducted online, and you’ll receive a full copy of the results when completed. These tests can be invaluable when choosing the right professional for your team.

For more information on how competency based interviewing, technical testing, or psychometric testing can help you to find the right IT professional for you business, contact us today.