Demand Spikes

Demand spikes occur when there is an unusually high demand in a region for a specific job set. Where these spikes occur an employer may end up paying over and above standard salary expectations, due to the increased opportunities for candidates in the market.

London generally displays a number of demand spikes in both highly skilled and niche areas, as does the South East.

The three largest sectors of the IT market (Software Engineering, Technical Support and Web Development) account for two thirds of the market; examining their demand spikes is often useful and may shed light on regional performance.

Technical support roles, which can often be completed in a call centre environment, can often be found in parts of the country where labour is cheaper. However the final quarter of 2015 did not follow this pattern: although London had the most demand spikes, the North West followed. Technical Support roles do show a small spike, but only in the South East.

The ‘big three’ only show three spikes between them, with no spikes in Software Engineering.

In recent times an increasing number of demand spikes have been seen in the North West as cities such as Manchester see their economy grow. This is especially true for Manchester where the evolution of the Digital Village has boosted demand for technology professionals. Discussions of the Northern Powerhouse, and the plan to give more control on spending to local authorities, might have boosted the economies of Sheffield and Liverpool as well.

You can find the regional breakdown in our full report.

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